Monday, March 23, 2015


Stardate: February 1, 3999


I didn't realize that you had such evil dreams! And your sojourn to the Star Cathedral and your discussions with the holy men there are great gifts to you, love. I hate that this situation has pulled a shadow over what could be like the finding of a Pearl of great value.

Go, please! get thee to the heart of the Cathendau Forest and see what wisdom or message can be found there from the hermit. Do not let my troubles on the station poison your heart and darken your soul. I have sought safety and shelter with the kindly librarian for a few weeks; he has obliged graciously. I believe it was directed by the One from Above that I've come to this safe harbor. In fact, the elderly gentleman fairly burst with outrage at my mistreatment. much like you have. I am safe for now and now I approach my readings of the Book with renewed purpose just as you have advised.

I fear I have stirred the fighting lion in you. There is a thin line between revenge and righteous wrath, one comes from purity of heart, the other can pull one into deep darkness. Let not vengeance be your portion, but let love and wisdom guide you on the last leg of your journey. I urge you, go to the Mysterious One and receive such priceless pearls from him as you can.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Vengeance is Mine

Stardate: January 1, 3999

My Dearest Magdalene,

My soul is on fire! To hear this, what you have said to me in your last letter, if there were a way I could slip through space and time instantly to get to you I would tear that entire station apart to get to him. 

And then tear his black, beating heart out, if he even possesses one!

The librarian is a clue to me when it comes to protection for you. If you can, stay with him for as long as you can. Keep the book and read it in an undertone day and night, doing more than just reading it for pleasure or for knowledge. This calls for the battle mindset. When you approach the book here on out, approach it with a view to salvation from this dark fiend. Or any darkness.

When I get there I will search him out for I can tell when the dark hands are about. I have picked up at least that gift from my expedition. I will find him and rend him limb by limb! His flesh will be burnt beyond recognition, his blood drained form him when I am through! Oh! I shake with fury that he has attempted to lay his hands on you!

Now I know the source and reason for my dark dreams - these dreams with teeth and shadows. It is he, the evil one on our home station who is trying to destroy what we have built, and Kristoff trying to destroy all the light in the universe. They are two of a kind, minion of wickedness and master of darkness. But I wonder who is the minion and who the master? I am so angry that I'd forgotten to tell you that I journeyed to the Star Cathedral on the planet Nenyeth yesterday and passed the time in contemplative prayer and spoke with one of the mendicants that live nearby the cathedral. It was a fulfilling and satisfying exchange with the mendicant, a beautiful one, in fact. He helped me to understand my dreams and directed me to see a hermit deep in the forests of Cathendau called The Mysterious One. Shall I even go now? I fear what will happen to you if I depart from my journey any more than I already have, though I am coming, ever closer.

Fear not, Magdalene. Vengeance is mine. I will repay his bold insolence.

Love and Fire,
R. Vaughn

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Stardate: December 1, 3999


He came.
And now I find myself forced to walk the unsettling bridge between love and peril.
I'd gone to a lecture on the Esoterica and High Mysteries of Heaven. it was a small, intimate affair. The kindly librarian had been kind enough to tell me - a wondrous thing to make such friends who can expose you to such riches - and he had some of his own associates who had come in to the station for a visit t hear the lecture. we all had a fine dinner afterward. but behind me I knew i felt a dark presence. he was there, sitting behind me, his gaze so penetrating I'd thought I'd been undressed. Then I looked back again and he wasn't there.

It made my heart soar to hear you think of me as The Lady with Child. I feel as if you have glimpsed into a possible future for us. Such things can sometimes be uncertain but you had a vision my love, a precious vision of our family, or what it could be, were we to have a little one.

I'd told the librarian of my fears of him following me, haunting my steps and he offered to put me up in his place for a few days. his friends even escorted me to my apartments to gather a few things and then I was ensconced in safety there fr a few days until I could feel his dark presence lessening.Once I felt that opaque oppressive presence when he could not get to me I went back to our place. But it was as if I could feel his oily presence had polluted our sacred and loving space.

There are times that I wonder if he is connected with the wicked Kristoff. I have noticed a pattern from long ago. these Dark Hands show up to create chaos and trouble whenever one is upon a major spiritual journey to the Light. their darkness is spreading like a blanket and they want to no one to find the way out of it. I continue to read the Book now as much for spiritual protection and comfort as well as in reverence for learning. As i read the passage: "Thy prayers are like sharp arrows in the dark hearts of thine enemies." I felt myself strengthened. But there is something else. And a need for more.

He really had been here. It wasn't my imagination. He left a letter here on a stopped me cold. it said, in hard, violent words: In the end, you shall be mine." I would have rather destroyed it and never mention it. i was vile! But there it was. i feel tainted by his desires and dark plans, whatever they may be. I feel a pull towards him that I never asked for and am fighting mightily. I love you Ralph, with all my heart. I would die before I gave ground to him. His influence is imperceptible to others. They do not see it, yet. But his darkness is spreading. I fear that his pull is strong. So strong that I may have to destroy myself in order to escape his shadow, and therefore destroying the passion and love between us and any shared visions of our future. Please hurry.