Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Dearest Magdalene

Stardate: May 1, 3999

My dearest Magdalene,

It is with both great excitement and trepidation that I am writing to you. The hunt for the Starry Lathe has fallen apart. Once we were all intrepid adventures voyaging across the inner arm of the Milky Way on our wild, hot-blooded chase. Now, well, I fear to reveal all that has happened as it would be a great humiliation for me and my men. It has made me rethink my life. Certainly not with you. If anything, I am even more eager to be with you than ever before. So, I am coming to you. Look for me in the stars each night before you go to sleep. One day I will be with you.

As for my trepidation. The ship I have bought a ticket on to journey back is in bad working order and I am so very far away. The engines are weak and are going out and when they shall be fixed the captain cannot say, for he is of poor means and little influence. He is not a captain in any official capacity but a civilian with a few ships and a means to make a little money carting people here and there. Or did have the means. Anyway, we are stranded, I hate to say it, on a lonely star port in the middle of nowhere. Though the heavens are beautiful as always, none so beautiful as the soft shape of your face and the stars in your dark eyes. Until I see you again, my dearest Magdalene. I long to be with you again.

R. Vaughn