Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In Your Starry Wake

Stardate: June 1, 3999


It has been too long since we'e seen each other. Sometimes I think we have come round full circle again into the life of new lives. My impatience talks through me. I dreaded to read about your ship, stranded in the black maw of space at a dull outpost. Please, you must tell me more of your wondrous hunting expeditions, darling. You have such a way with words. It would come alive for me as I wait for you to come back.

What happened love? Why did it end? What tribulations and trials did you and your band of brothers suffer before the thing failed? And please, do not stint on detail as you know I want to know the whole bloody truth, since you are not here with me. I sit in the cafe at times with my bitter espresso and watch shooting stars through the viewports, through the steam rising in my cup. Lately, I have not been able to come and sit and lounge as freely as I was once able to. I stay in my rooms more these days. It gets so stuffy in the station. The air-conditioning is not working properly. Anyway, I have a better view in our quarters here, in our tower bedroom. I wait for you, husband, when you arrive, with your band of brothers in your starry wake, looking toward celebration of warmth, ecstasy and love.