Friday, November 28, 2014

Knowledge and Mysteries

Stardate: August 1, 3999


So you say that the northern stargate is under repairs. which means I must wait even longer. I suppose I have no choice. Something interesting did happen today at the station. The techno-mages came through today. For me, they were the sole source of mystery and  intrigue. At least, the kind I enjoy.

I am always fascinated by these mysterious ones. I managed to work up the nerve to speak to one of them who happened to be strolling alone on the promenade. I asked him if he would mind some company. He was gracious and said that he would not mind at all. He told me that most either fear them or shun them, seeing them as purveyors of nonsense or dangerous ideas. from what I've seen most people seem to be in so much awe of them that they are intimidated. He was glad for the company, I think. He was a tall, thin elegant man and I could not place his accent. He said that the arcane knowledge of the Old Ones of long ago who spawned the knowledge we have in the universe is going away. That so many do not care about the arcane knowledge and the mysteries of Life. He spoke of many things, of things mundane and divine, of the dark things and the Light and the Way in between. I asked him how his order had acquired the great knowledge and and he explained how the human being is the physical center of the universe. We walk between the smallest known particle that makes up matter and the largest known heavenly bodies, galaxies, and how because we sit in between these two ends we are in the perfect position to explore and learn. We can manipulate energy, time and matter if we are willing to listen and explore the secrets of the heavens. Finally, he mentioned briefly the Starry Lathe of Heaven. Most people believe it to be only a legend. He said it was both legend and truth. Of course he did not have to convert me to this idea. All legends have truth. I told him that you were on the hunt for it. He smiled and seemed surprised but I told him that you and your friends are of the Old order of  the Knights of the Northern Star. He said that they, though not privy to the deepest secrets of the universe like the mages are keepers of the old legends and myths and that they are the first guardians of the arcane knowledge of the universe. He seemed pleased to hear of your mission and he said that your journey to find it, even if you do not find it, is just as important as finding it. I remember you had said something similar before you left. I was sad for his leaving. I wanted to know more. I think that I might have been an acolyte at the feet of a techno-mage if I hadn't met you.

As for the other matter. I haven't seen him in over three weeks and I have not heard from him at all. The presence of the techno-mages upon the ship seems to have kept him away. Except when I was with the old mage on the promenade garden and he was watching us, hidden in the shadows of thick grape vines. The mage seemed to sense his presence and warned him to be gone, giving him a baleful look. He scattered like a pest in sudden light. I have not seen him since. But the techno-mages have passed on far away to a place in the universe that I know not what. They are guardians of all wisdom and sagacity among humankind. Without them - I fear to think of what things will eventually fall to. But perhaps I bore you with my thoughts. I was hurt to read that Kristoff fouled your great mission from the beginning. I told the mage of your trial. I remember he said this: "Even failure to find the lathe, the Great Work is done, for to search for it with a true heart a spiritual transformation takes place within." I long to hear more of your struggles of the mission, if it would not bother you too much my love.. Perhaps I can piece together wisdom from it while I wait here. 
Until I receive your next transmission, I await your coming.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Deception

Stardate: July 1, 3999

My dearest Magdalene,

Your letter came late today. It is only tomorrow that I will be able to leave this place. But the stargate nearest the outpost is under major repairs and I must reach home through a more circuitous route and by another ship. The poor captain's scow just won't make it past this outpost.

The expedition - When we had all arrived at our meet point, Kristoff  (that old bastard!) was there. I knew we'd have trouble as soon as I laid eyes upon the rascal. Sure enough the first day of the hunt we found that our hunting party had been redirected fraudulently to the Parri system instead of where we'd find the actual first clue, a planetoid on the edge of the Rhovanion system. Through trickery and bribery he managed to l get a huge lead on us. Thankfully, I caught the mistake halfway to the other star system. That was the least of our problems.

But I sense something is amiss, love. Tell me, why is it that you do not go out? Why can you not enjoy your lounging in the cafes or elsewhere on deck of the station as you once did? Are you ill? Is someone menacing you? I will be traveling through asteroid belts and the planetary system of Bandersnatch with its planets full of vast rings. transmission will by near impossible and I may not be able to send a letter in a while my love. I hope you get this one. Until then, I am coming.

R. Vaughn