Sunday, May 3, 2015

Let The Light Shine

Stardate: March 1, 3999

Dearest Magdalene,

It is the middle of the night as I write this last letter to you, 02:00 AM. Though all I see is The Great Night of space about me, day and night. I did as you bid. I went to Cathendau Forest and felt my soul enlighened and fed with such nourishment that only saints are privileged to have. The Mysterious One had many things to tell me, things I can tell you and things, Most Holy that because of my knighthood I must keep silent on. But there is so much more to tell you from what I have seen and experienced on this great journey. Secrets abound in me, Magdalene! It will be three more days and I will be back at the stationa nd you in my arms. I always benefit when I listen to you.

As for our villain, I have not forgotten his trespass and his wickedness. My honor and yours which he has blatantly violated requires a response. In the clear light of reason tonight, I have made a decision to deal with him. not in passion but in righteousness. I have been urged to do what is right. Do not dismiss my anger as mere revenge. He is part of a larger evil that must be confronted boldly and courageously and sometimes that requires a fight to the death.Sometimes evil must be confronted spiritually and sometimes through blood and fire. Do not tell him I am coming. I will be a thief in the night when I come upon him.

As for the overall hjourney, I have earned much abotu myslef af my on strenghts and weaknesses than I ever imagined and in that beginbs the knowledge of wisdom and myself. That I thing begins the Great Work. My journey to know myself completely so that the next time I take on such an epic journey it will be with both a physical sword and shield, as well as a strong spiritual one. I wasn't ready perhaps. perhas there are mroe stes to divine knowledge must walk befoe one can begin to see where and how to sinf the Starry lathe of heaven. But until then I am content to learn while I begin my life with you. And my dreams have been comforting and beautiful of late. I see you with our child. I have seen it. The dark dreams have been kept at bay for now.The light in our lives is growing. Light of the Spirit, Light of the family, the Light of love. I am coming home, my love.

Let the light shine.

R. Vaughn

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